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It’s almost time to say goodbye to Valerie. As we saw with 1cP-LSD last year, it’s never too long before our favourite lysergamides fall victim to the ever-changing German drug policies. Although nothing is yet 100% confirmed, as it’s currently the most popular research chemical in Germany, 1V-LSD is primed for control and there’s no time to waste!

Why so soon?

Given that Valerie’s predecessors, 1P-LSD and 1cP-LSD, remained legal for around 2 years, the news of 1V-LSD’s possible demise came as a shock to all of us. This popular research chemical and microdosing product hadn’t even been on the market a year before rumors of its control began to circulate. We can only assume that the German Narcotics Committee have decided to increase their efforts to rid Germany of these valuable resources by hastily adding more compounds to the NpSG.


What is the NpSG?

The NpSG — Neue-psychoaktive-Stoffe-Gesetz (New Psychoactive Substances Act) — was introduced on November 26th 2016 as a way to combat the spread of new psychoactive substances and research chemicals appearing on the market. Unlike the BtMG (German Narcotics Act), which listed and scheduled substances individually, the NpSG banned entire groups of substances. Despite the introduction of this Act however, there were, and still are, a number of substances circulating the market that were, or are, not covered by the NpSG or BtMG. As a result, the most recent amendment to the NpSG was introduced as a way to further limit the number of psychoactive substances on the market.

What do we know so far?

We had been waiting on the results of the 55th session of the German narcotics committee meeting but, it turns out this meeting was cancelled or postponed. There was, instead, a 56th session on 2nd May 2022 during which they did indeed discuss the ban of tryptamines and most other classes of compounds in the current NpSG legislation. We are very confident that 1V-LSD was discussed for ban as it has always fallen under the ‘tryptamine’ classification in these meetings

Until the results of the 56th session are confirmed, we won’t know definitively which compounds, or groups of compounds, will be banned. A proposed legislation should be published around the same time, which means that all that stands between the life and death of 1V-LSD is the Federal Council. Since there are only two viable Federal Council meetings left before the summer break, we can assume that 1V-LSD will stay legal for at least another month. There is a chance, however, that the ban may not occur until after meetings resume on 16th September 2022.


Who will this affect?

Although 1CPLSD.COM is based in the Netherlands, we ship from Germany to ensure an extremely high success rate shipping to non-EU countries. This means that all our customers will be affected by the ban no matter of their location or local jurisdiction. As a result, we highly recommend stocking up on 1V-LSD before it’s too late.

What next?

 As we have seen in the past, there is usually an alternative waiting in the wings. This time, however, our friends over at Lizard Labs have warned us that we might not be so lucky:

“We had been hoping we could work on a 1V-LSD alternative by now but since we still don’t have the draft legislation to work with, that hasn’t been possible. We expect the ban will cover any obvious derivatives so we are not so confident that we will beat the prohibitionists this time!”

Hopefully, once the draft legislation is released, the path forward will become clearer, and those ingenious chemists will rustle up a suitable successor to our dear Valerie.


Long story short

As of this moment, nothing is certain. It is, however, highly likely that 1V-LSD will become illegal in Germany within the next few months.

If we’re lucky, the ban may not come into place until October, and, if we’re unlucky, we may see the end of 1V-LSD around mid-June or July.

We strongly urge our customers to stock up on 1V-LSD now as once the legislation is published, Valerie’s time will be up!

UPDATE – 29th June 2022

We have obtained a copy of the proposed legislation that will ban 1V-LSD and the clauses added to the NpSG (German NPS law) are even more comprehensive than expected. They will ban 1V-LSD and basically all other commercially feasible LSD prodrugs. Some words from our supplier, Lizard Labs, regarding a potential 1V-LSD replacement:

“We are still going to experiment on alternative options but we are certainly not confident that we’ll find a replacement to 1V-LSD when it is banned.”

We are, of course, still hoping (praying?) Lizard Labs finds a solution but if not, it is likely we will close shop once 1V-LSD is banned!

Regarding the ban date, it’s looking slightly more likely that 1V-LSD won’t be banned until after the summer. We’re not in the clear yet as the last Federal Council meeting this summer is due to happen next week. Unless they slip the law through then, we will have another few months left. Fingers crossed!

We will keep you posted on further updates.

psychedelic documentaries

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss

psychedelic documentaries

Thanks to the psychedelic renaissance, we have been blessed with an influx of valuable materials on psychedelics over the last 10 years or so. Perhaps one of the most popular and exciting ways to absorb this information is in the form of documentaries. And, as luck would have it, we’ve put together a list of our favourite psychedelic documentaries just for you!

This is, of course, not an extensive list and we encourage you to dig deep and unearth your favourite ones. Though many psychedelic documentaries cross themes and topics, we decided to organise our favourites into three categories — the history of psychedelics, the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics, and personal journey’s with psychedelics.

The History of Psychedelics

Ever wondered how your favourite psychedelics were discovered? Where they came from? Or the journey they went on to become what they are today? Well, here are our favourite psychedelic documentaries that will explain exactly that!

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 2

The Substance: Albert Hofmann’s LSD

If you haven’t heard of Albert Hofmann (no doubt you have!), he was a Swiss chemist known for being the first person to synthesize and ingest LSD. In this documentary you are taken on a visual journey of the history of LSD — including interviews with the late, great Hofmann himself, as well as other notable pioneers in the field of psychedelics. This is a must-watch if you’re interested in how your favourite derivatives, such as 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD, came to exist.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 3

Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness

This gripping documentary combines the animated storytelling of the life-changing psychedelic experiences of Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, and Alan Watts, with interviews from modern day trailblazers, such as Amanda Fielding, Dennis McKenna, and Rick Doblin, in the field of psychedelics.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 4

Dirty Pictures

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin, branded as ‘The Godfather of Psychedelics’, is the man responsible for introducing MDMA to psychotherapists in the late 1970’s. Dirty Pictures looks at his life’s work — including intimate footage from his home and laboratory where he synthesized over 200 new psychedelic compounds during his career.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 5

The Sunshine Makers

This film explores the rise and fall of Nick Sand and Timothy Scully, two men who stood up for what they believed in by producing and distributing ‘Orange Sunshine’ in the 1960’s. The Sunshine Makers is an enthralling and entertaining psychedelic documentary that isn’t to be missed!

The Therapeutic Benefits of Psychedelics

After its 30 years hiatus, research on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics is once again being conducted. From treating anxiety to finding alternatives to traditional pain relief, and healing PTSD to working with the terminally ill, there is still so much to learn from these precious molecules. Here are our favourite psychedelic documentaries on research to date.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 6

A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin

This documentary focuses on the therapeutic uses of Psilocybin and the potential it has to help those who are facing death due to terminal cancer diagnoses. It explores both the scientific evaluations and the spiritual themes that came out of the first psychedelic research studies on the topic since the 1970s.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 7

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Considered the most potent psychedelic on Earth, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, adapted from Rick Strassman’s book of the same name, explores the power of this naturally occurring molecule. It features interviews with several experts who discuss their thoughts and experiences with DMT and its role in expanding human consciousness.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 8

Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines

Neurons to Nirvana explores the science behind and the therapeutic benefits of five psychedelics — LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA, Ayahuasca, and Cannabis. It features interviews with a number of psychedelic pioneers advocating for more clinical research and the rescheduling of such powerful compounds.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 9

Magic Medicine

This film follows the groundbreaking research conducted at Imperial College London where the first ever medical trial on Psilocybin for the treatment of clinical depression was led. It provides a deep and moving insight into each of the participants, and their families, journeys from beginning to end.

Personal Journey’s with Psychedelics

What better way to understand the power of psychedelics than seeing how they affect people first-hand?! Here are our favourite psychedelic documentaries that follow individuals’ journeys on their quest to transform their lives through the use of psychedelics such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and Iboga.

psychedelic documentaries

The Last Shaman

Faced with incurable depression, James Freeman decides to make one last ditch attempt at finding peace by going on a journey through the Amazon jungle. On his quest he meets with a number of Shamans and sits with a variety of plant medicines, including Ayahuasca, that help him to better understand and accept himself.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 10

From Shock to Awe

From Shock to Awe follows the stories of two combat veterans searching for an alternative treatment to relieve them from crippling PTSD.Their pursuit leads them to a weekend long Ayahuasca ceremony where they delve into the depths of their internal worlds and experience life-changing transformations.

Gripping Psychedelic Documentaries Not To Miss 11


This documentary centers around opioid addict, Adrianne, who turns to psychedelics to relieve her from her addiction. Dosed highlights the realities of the opioid crisis and what a cruel disease addiction can be. It follows Adrianne on a six-month journey where she works with both Psilocybin and Iboga in therapeutic settings.

PS: If you loved this one, stay tuned for Dosed 2: Psilocybin and the Art of Living!

psychedelic documentaries


Reconnect, a full-length documentary from London Real, charts the journey of Brian Rose, founder and CEO of London Real, on his voyage to Costa Rica where he participates in an Ayahuasca retreat. Disconnected from his life, and with a desire for transformation, Brian documents his experience of attempting to reconnect from inception, to ceremony, to integration, and beyond.


So there you have it, our favourite psychedelic documentaries — we hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Buy Research Chemicals Online: Top Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

Buy Research Chemicals Online: Top Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed 12

So, you want to buy research chemicals online, but you’re scared from the one time (or many times) you were scammed?

We’ve got you!

Read on for 6 top tips on how to buy research chemicals online from ONLY the most trustworthy sources and suppliers.


Times are tough, I get it, but don’t allow the attractiveness of a ‘good’ deal pull you into making a bad decision. Most reputable vendors follow the same pricing structure, so anything that stands out as a real bargain is most likely a scam and should prompt you to take a closer look at the website.

Bottom line – if the price looks too good to be true, it usually is!


If the website is selling clearly illegal products (UN listed substances such as cocaine, MDMA, methamphetamine, diazepam, alprazolam), then this is also a red flag as no reputable vendor would risk not only their reputation, but also their freedom, by selling illegal products. Similarly, if they list many compounds that are not widely distributed by other vendors then this too should set off alarm bells in your head.

buy research chemicals online


Reviews, reviews, reviews! When looking to buy research chemicals online, reviews go a long way. It’s no different to booking a hotel, would you rather book the one with gleaming reports or the one where everyone complains about the bathroom that clearly hasn’t been cleaned in over a decade? Yeah, thought so. Always search for the company on review websites such as Trustpilot or before making a purchase.

It is worth noting, however, that due to the nature of these products, many review sites ban research chemical companies. With this in mind, it is worth exploring our other top tips before deciding that their lack of reviews is a deal breaker.


Companies rely on their customers to stay afloat, and so a trustworthy one will have a support team that wants to make sure these customers are happy. If you’re not convinced by the contents of their website, try sending them an email (providing they even have a contact page – red flag alert!) If they don’t respond within a day or two, or, if they do and skirt around your question, bid them farewell and move onto another website.

Buy Research Chemicals Online: Top Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed 13


Ok, you’re not a scientist, but there are very simple things you can look out for when trying to buy research chemicals online. Reputable vendors will know exactly what it is they’re selling and have the correct chemical structures to prove it. If you’re unsure of the correct chemical structure, hop over to Lizard Labs and see if the two match up.

Another thing to look out for is the purity of the product. If the vendor advertises their product as 99,99 or 99,999% purity, it is a serious red flag as obtaining product this pure is extremely unrealistic.

Additionally, any reputable vendor should be able to supply analytical data for products they’re selling — and we don’t just mean a crappy ‘COA’ (certificate of analysis) knocked-up on Word, but genuine NMR or GCMS data. You might not know how to interpret it if you’re not a chemist, but if they provide something that looks convincing it’s another good sign.

buy research chemicals online


This tip speaks for itself and, usually, so does the website! Sometimes it’s obvious at first glance and others on deeper inspection, but if the website is full of typos and poorly written text then it’s most definitely a cause for concern. A cheaply thrown together website does not scream ‘trustworthy source’ and as such, does not bode well for your quest to buy research chemicals online. Seriously, remove the rose-coloured glasses and take a closer look!

And if you’re in serious doubt and ready to throw in the towel, check Lizard Labs’ list of approved retailers… you’ll even find 1CPLSD.COM there!




The research chemical market is like a game of whack-a-mole for law enforcers, and it’s a chemist’s job to keep them on their toes by birthing new moles for us to enjoy. As we have just seen with 1cP-LSD, it’s never too long before our favourite products get squashed by the ever-changing drug policies and we’re all left on the edge of our seats wondering what those ingenious chemists will rustle up!

Well, sit back and relax kids because the wait is finally over! The chemists have triumphed once again and would like to announce the birth of your new favourite LSD derivative…

…1V-LSD aka Valerie.

Who is Valerie (1V-LSD)?

1V-LSD (1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate), or simply ‘Valerie’, is a psychedelic research chemical and lysergamide derivative with an ergoline backbone. 1V-LSD is a prodrug of LSD and an analogue of 1P-LSD. Since it is a prodrug, it shares many similar properties with LSD itself but also 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, and 1B-LSD.

The nickname ‘Valerie’ is derived from segments of the most significant chemical groups described in the chemical name 1-VALeroyl-lysERgic acid dIEthylamide. Several participants of our research group also noted the presence of a ‘female entity’ whilst researching this compound. Hence we feel the name Valerie is apt!

What is a prodrug?

A prodrug is a molecule with little or no pharmacological activity that is converted into an active parent molecule in-vivo by enzymatic or chemical reactions, or by a combination of the two. In the case of 1V-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1P-LSD, and 1B-LSD, these are prodrugs of LSD. This means that living organisms, such as animals, can convert them into LSD if consumed. 


What Happened to 1cP-LSD?

As most of you will be aware of by now, due to an amendment made to the NpSG, 1cP-LSD recently became a controlled substance in Germany. While 1cP-LSD is still legal in several other countries, at 1CPLSD.COM we ship from Germany and therefore it is no longer possible for us to supply our customers with our beloved 1cP-LSD. This isn’t to say that 1cP-LSD must completely disappear from your lives, just that, as we have seen before with other banned research chemicals, they will slowly become harder and harder to obtain legally.

Where Did Valerie (1V-LSD) Come From?

This game is old news to the chemists over at Lizard Labs who, anticipating this moment, have spent the last few months tinkering around in the lab, screaming at black goo in round bottom flasks, and working tirelessly to create the perfect new potion. Low and behold, they did it again and came to our rescue with Valerie — the latest legal LSD derivative on the market.

Where is Valerie (1V-LSD) Legal?

Valerie was created with global NPS legislations in mind and, as such, this beautiful molecule is completely legal in almost all countries, including Germany — meaning that at 1CPLSD.COM we are able to supply our products worldwide!


What is Different About Valerie (1V-LSD)?

You’re probably wondering what distinguishes Valerie from her cousins. Well, let me tell you!

1V-LSD is very similar to 1cP-LSD as it is also a prodrug of LSD. Although some report 1V-LSD to be more visual than 1cP-LSD, for microdosing purposes, it can be considered as an identical replacement.

Given that 1V-LSD has a slightly higher mass than other prodrugs, a slightly larger dose is required. This is why we are offering 1V-LSD 150mcg blotters as our standard-dose blotters. Based on our initial tests, 150mcg of 1V-LSD is about equivalent to 125mcg of 1cP-LSD. Therefore, our standard 1V-LSD blotters are slightly stronger than our standard 1cP-LSD blotters – please keep this in mind!

You may also notice a slight price increase compared to 1cP-LSD. This is because of the aforementioned increase in dose, as well as the increase in production costs due to crystallisation issues.

It’s time to pre-order!

We are now accepting pre-orders for 1V-LSD which will be dispatched at the end of July after some of our staff take a well earned holiday!

For now you can head over to our resources section to read up more on Valerie and how to microdose her.

So where are we now? 14-0 to the chemists? If the games still going, we’re still playing!

But seriously, we are so grateful to the people who keep the research chemical market turning, and if Valerie is anything like her dear cousins and predecessors, she’s sure to make a splash!

Anyway, it’s time we shut up and let her do the talking.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 14

Learning something new can often feel daunting, which is why we’ve created this tutorial to show you how buying cryptocurrency can be quick and easy on Coinbase.


Please note: These steps were written based on signing up from the UK and some of these steps may vary slightly depending on which country you’re signing up from.

Step 1 –

Go to

Note: it will probably take you through the usual captcha bullsh*t.

Step 2 –

Enter your email address and press ‘get started’.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 15

Step 3 –

Enter your name and create a password (make it a strong one!)

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 16

Step 4 –

Click through all the GDPR and data protection information and decide whether you want to receive marketing emails from them.

Step 5 –

Verify your email – once you have verified your email address the page will automatically take you to the next step.

Step 6 –

Next, you will be asked to set up two-step verification.

Enter your dialing code and phone number, then press ‘send code’.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 17

Step 7 –

Enter the code sent to your phone to authenticate your number.

Step 8 –

Select your citizenship.

Step 9 –

Verify your identity with your address, date of birth, and a few questions about how you intend to use Coinbase.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 18

Step 10 –

Answer a few more questions on how much money you plan to trade a year, and what industry you work in.

Step 11 –

You will be asked to formally verify your identity with your passport, drivers license, or a national ID card. Choose one and follow the simple steps to upload proof.

Step 12 –

Congratulations, you have created an account! Now you must wait for them to review and approve your account — they say this may take a few days but, in my experience, it can be done within an hour or two. Once it has been approved you will be able to complete the following steps to purchase and spend crypto. Regularly check your email for updates.


The following steps will explain how to purchase Litecoin, but no matter which currency you purchase the steps will be the same.

Step 1 –

On the homepage you will see a button labelled ‘add payment method’, press it.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 19

Step 2 –

Choose your payment method — if you’re just using to buy products from 1CPLSD.COM then choose credit/debit card.

buying cryptocurrency

Step 3 –

Enter your card details and you’re all set to start buying crypto!

Step 4 –

You will now notice that where it previously said ‘add payment method’ it now says ‘buy crypto’, press it.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 20

Step 5 –

Choose the type of crypto you would like to purchase — we highly recommend Litecoin for purchases made on 1CPLSD.COM. Then, make sure the payment method you just added has been selected and that ‘one-time purchase’ has been chosen from the drop-down menu. Next, select or enter the amount you would like to purchase.

buying cryptocurrency

Step 6 –

You will now be able to review the breakdown of your purchase. Once you are happy, press ‘buy now’.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 21

Step 7 –

Next, your payment will go through authorization from your bank and you may be guided to approve your payment.

Step 8 –

You did it, you purchased your first crypto!!!

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 22


Step 1 –

Press the ‘send/receive’ button in the top right of the screen on the homepage.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 23

Step 2 –

Use the switch button to make sure you are sending LTC and then enter the amount you would like to send — double check you’ve entered the correct amount!

Next, enter the address given to you on Coinpayments — it’s the weird, long looking combination of letters and numbers (not the payment ID) — triple check you’ve entered the correct one!

Please note: the address for each order is unique, so don’t reuse it! You will only have 1 hour 30 minutes before the address expires, so don’t send to this address if you’ve waited too long.

Press ‘continue’.

Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 24
Buying Cryptocurrency: A Quick and Easy Guide 25

Step 3 –

Here you will have the opportunity to double check before sending. Once you’re happy, press ‘send now’.

An authentication code will be sent to your phone, enter this on the next screen.

Step 4 –

You did it!


  • Buy more crypto than you need to cover fees and market fluctuations – we suggest 10% extra (you can use to calculate how much to buy)
  • Have your crypto ready before proceeding to checkout as you will have a very limited period of time to make the payment before the link expires
  • Make sure to pay the minimum amount requested – too little and your request will eventually cancel, and your order will be delayed
  • Please double check that you have entered the address provided by CoinPayments correctly before paying
  • To protect your crypto, always store it in a wallet, not an exchange – we suggest, Electrum, or Electrum LTC
  • If you lose the CoinPayments screen at checkout or the timer expires, you can generate the crypto payment details again by going to My Account > Orders > PAY.

There you have it, buying cryptocurrency made easy!

Time to shop!

treatment for pmdd

Microdosing: A Powerful Alternative Treatment for PMDD

treatment for pmdd

When it comes to the benefits of microdosing, the list is endless — so it’s really no surprise that a number of women have turned to it as an alternative treatment for PMDD.

For those of you who are new to this topic, whether a menstruator or not, read on to find out exactly what PMDD is and how microdosing can help.

What is PMDD?

Most people have heard of PMS, but what is PMDD, and how are they different?

Whilst both PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) and PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) occur during the luteal phase (the week or two prior to menstruation) of a woman’s menstrual cycle, PMDD is a much more severe form, and often-debilitating extension, of PMS.

Characterised by severe physical and psychological changes, PMDD affects only an estimated 2-9% of menstruating women, whereas PMS affects over 50%.[1] Though symptoms are present in many areas, the psychological ones are some of the most prominent and debilitating.

Here are some of the common psychological symptoms of PMDD:

  • Mood swings
  • Anger and irritability
  • Hopelessness
  • Overwhelm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lack of energy
  • Extreme emotional sensitivity

Here is one woman’s experience of it — “the best way for me to describe it is that – once a month – I decided to press my own ‘self-destruct’ button and literally let my life (my normally very happy and satisfying life…) implode around me. Then when the dark thoughts lifted and completely cleared, I spent the next 2 weeks trying to pick up the pieces.”[2]

An estimated 30% of women with PMDD will attempt suicide, further illustrating just how serious this condition is.[3]

treatment for pmdd

What are the Causes of PMDD?

PMDD is still not fully understood, and its exact cause is unknown. Many speculate, however, that it is a response to changing hormone levels that occur during each cycle. The rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone has an effect on levels of serotonin — the mood stabilizing hormone — and as a result, some women experience a severe reaction. Some also suggest that genetics may play a part in one’s susceptibility to PMDD.

What Treatments are Currently Available for PMDD?

With little known about the disorder and no specific test to accurately diagnose it, it can often be difficult to distinguish PMDD from other hormonal and mood disorders such as bipolar, major depressive disorder, or generalized anxiety. As a result of this, women are often misdiagnosed and offered unnecessary or ineffective courses of treatment for PMDD.

The current mainstream treatments available for PMDD are:

  • Diet changes
  • Regular exercise
  • Stress management
  • Vitamin supplementation
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Anti-depressants – Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI)
  • Birth control pills
  • Hysterectomy (in extreme cases)

Why are Women Turning to Microdosing to Treat PMDD?

Although there is little to no official research on the correlation between the use of psychedelics and relieved symptoms of PMDD, anecdotal evidence suggests that microdosing is supporting many women as an alternative to mainstream treatments.

If you aren’t already aware of what microdosing is, it involves taking a very low dose of a psychedelic substance, the most common of these being LSD or psilocybin-containing mushrooms, but also 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD and similar derivatives. The intention behind microdosing is not to get high or reach a point of hallucination, but rather to reap the benefits of being in such an open, present state.

So, why are women choosing microdosing over mainstream treatment for PMDD?

Well, this has a lot to do with the side effects and time in which it takes for them to provide relief.

SSRI’s for example can cause, amongst other things, fogginess, numbness, decreased sex drive, and insomnia. Moreover, some doctors prescribe them to be taken all month long, meaning that the user has to experience the side effects for the duration. Others, however, prescribe them only to be taken during the luteal phase — which is inefficient for those with irregular cycles and unpredictable symptoms.

Similarly to SSRI’s, birth control pills are also known to come with a whole host of side effects that have an impact upon one’s mood, physical appearance, and overall health. Additionally, many women dislike the idea of disrupting the natural rhythm of their body by taking synthetic hormones.

For those turning to diet, exercise, supplementation, and stress management for relief, it can take a considerable amount of time and money, as well as a lot of trial and error, to see any change.

Microdosing, on the other hand, has little to no reported side effects, and, unlike other mainstream treatments, begins working shortly after ingesting, thus providing the sufferer with almost instant relief — ‘took a microsdose an hour ago and can already feel a difference.’[4]

an alternative treatment for pmdd

What Do Women Have to Say About Microdosing as an Alternative Treatment for PMDD?

As previously mentioned, there is little to no official research on microdosing as a treatment for PMDD but an abundance of anecdotal evidence.

From the threads that exist online, it appears that women have been coming together to share in their experiences and support each other through the dark times.

In a reddit thread, one woman describes how she felt ‘really grounded and present’ and ‘was able to enjoy things for the first time in a long long time’ after microdosing.[5]

Another woman shared her PMDD journey on her blog ‘Woman in the basement’. She explained that her experience with microdosing has changed her life for the better and she no longer lives in constant fear of her own thoughts for one week out of the month.[6]

Microdosing as a treatment for PMDD was also popularised by author Ayelet Waldman who documented her 30-day microdosing experience in her book ‘A Really Good Day’.

By searching the internet, you’ll find stories upon stories of women’s positive experiences with microdosing and how it really helped to diminish their symptoms of PMDD and improve their lives as whole.

Here are a few more excerpts:

 ‘I feel like MDing has helped me to make better choices – eating, exercise, just in life. My boss has even noticed a difference in the work I’m now producing’.[7]

‘It changes me from I can’t get out of bed and I have no will to live to I’m gonna go to the gym and get some errands done. And it makes me feel happy and alive again.’[8]

‘For the first time in my life it wasn’t excruciating and life altering. I felt like I was normal for the first time.’[9]

‘It’s like the cloud lifted up. Like, all the woes and inner dialogues that I could not handle without spiralling despite my best effort (I journal, inner dialogue work, exercise, self-care) become so much smaller, manageable, actionable.’[10]

It is clear from the evidence that microdosing really is proving to be an exceptional alternative treatment for PMDD and, although official research is limited, it is refreshing to see women advocating for their lives and health.

Microdosing: A Powerful Alternative Treatment for PMDD 26

Microdosing: A Powerful Alternative Treatment for PMDD

So, there we have it, an exploration of microdosing as an alternative treatment for PMDD!

Whether you suffer from PMDD, know someone who does, or had never even heard of it before today, I hope this article has opened your eyes to power that microdosing psychedelics can have upon our lives.

If your interest has been piqued and you’re wanting to learn more about microdosing or try it out for yourself, 1CPLSD.COM has a wide range of resources and products available for your benefit.












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Due to popular demand, you are now able to buy 1CPLSD.COM products by debit and credit card. As you may know, on our old website you were only able to purchase our products via cryptocurrency — namely Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero. Whilst our new website still accepts cryptocurrency as payment, we felt that by introducing card payment for our products it would provide more people with access to our revolutionary microdosing products. We would like to remind you, however, that we still do not accept payment via PayPal, Western Union, or bank transfer.

Please note: the maximum order limit via card is 150EUR. For larger orders, above 150EUR, you are still required to make payment via cryptocurrency.

For more details on payment for products purchased on 1CPLSD.COM, please consult our payments page.


On our previous website you could purchase up to 1000 blotters in our online shop. Now, however, the maximum quantity of blotters listed for purchase is 200 due to logistics reasons (200 blotters is the maximum that can fit in our standard ‘stealth’ envelopes). It is possible for customers to make multiple orders of 200 blotters, but for those interested in wholesale quantities, we highly recommend contacting us directly for a list of bulk prices. We offer a more tailored shipping service for successful delivery of bulk orders.

We would like to remind you that all of our products are purchased directly from Lizard Labs and we are an approved Lizard Labs retailer. If you haven’t heard of Lizard Labs, they are the original and most trusted novel lysergamide producer in the world. They invented 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD and a number of other similar products and produce accurately dosed and consistent blotters suitable for microdosing. As a result of this, our 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD microdosing products are of the highest quality and greatly trusted by the research chemical community.



What’s a new website without a new look? 1CPLSD.COM v.2.0 has a new sleek design with an upgraded interface for improved user experience. Be sure to take a look at our resources section where you will find an abundance of information on 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD, microdosing, and finding your flow-state! You can also consult our FAQ page for any further information you may be looking for on purchasing products from 1CPLSD.COM.


Say hello to the 1CPLSD.COM blog — the best place to keep up-to-date with the latest information and news from the research chemical, psychedelic, and microdosing communities.

As you may be aware, 1CPLSD.COM was started by a small group of microdosing enthusiasts looking to share their knowledge on research chemicals and offer a professional and reliable service supplying 1cP-LSD microdosing products.

It is this knowledge that we are passionate about sharing through our blog — from worldwide policy updates to the history of blotter art, how to find peace through microdosing to our favourite psychedelic podcasts, and interviews with experts in the field to news on the most recent scientific studies.

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With that, our tour of 1CPLSD.COM v.2.0 is complete! We would like to thank you for purchasing our 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD products and continuing to support us.




As a result of an amendment made to the German NpSG, from mid-July 2021, 1cP-LSD and a number of other novel psychedelics, popular microdosing products, and research chemicals are due to be banned in Germany. This is devastating news for the research chemical industry, who since earlier this year had been awaiting confirmation of the proposed amendment.

What is the NpSG?

The NpSG — Neue-psychoaktive-Stoffe-Gesetz (New Psychoactive Substances Act) — was introduced on November 26th 2016 as a way to combat the spread of new psychoactive substances and research chemicals appearing on the market. Unlike the BtMG (German Narcotics Act), which listed and scheduled substances individually, the NpSG banned entire groups of substances. Despite the introduction of this Act however, there were, and still are, a number of substances circulating the market that were, or are, not covered by the NpSG or BtMG. As a result, the most recent amendment to the NpSG was introduced as a way to further limit the number of psychoactive substances on the market.


Which research chemicals will be affected?

Besides the aforementioned 1cP-LSD, the amendment also includes (but is not limited to) the following popular research chemicals:


Arylcyclohexylamines (dissociatives):




Although some of these compounds may pose harm to users, many of them do not, or at least do not have clear history or evidence of causing such harm. Lysergamides in particular, such as 1cP-LSD, are well documented as being benign and non-toxic, and therefore, we feel their ban is unwarranted.

What does this mean for 1CPLSD.COM?

Although 1CPLSD.COM is based in the Netherlands, we ship from Germany to ensure an extremely high success rate shipping to non-EU countries. This means that we are affected and will have to stop shipping from Germany once the ban is enforced.

We will be testing new shipping methods from other countries to try and continue serving our customers with 1cP-LSD after the German ban. However, we will only do this if we are confident packages will arrive safely. We will not continue shipping 1cP-LSD unless we have a success rate of >90% (we currently have a success rate of over 95%).

We are also working on an alternative microdosing product that we hope will be ready before the end of the summer.

Due to this uncertainty with our 1cP-LSD logistics, we encourage customers to stock up before the mid-July ban to avoid any disappointment in case we don’t find a viable shipping solution post-ban.

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What does this mean for the future of the legal psychedelics and microdosing market?

So, with all this being said, it begs the question, what does the future hold for legal psychedelics and microdosing products?

As we have seen in many countries over the last few years, blanket bans have swept through and their drug laws have been subject to constant change. This unpredictability has made it increasingly difficult for the research chemistry market to keep up and stay alive.

Despite this, however, research continues and companies such as Lizard Labs are working hard to discover new psychedelics that have not yet been affected by the ever-changing rules and regulations.

Our hope at 1CPLSD.COM is that we will find new psychedelics suitable for microdosing so that we can continue to supply the market with revolutionary products. We have several candidates that we are currently testing and will keep customers informed about our progress.

With this in mind, and the future unknown, we highly encourage you to stock up on 1cP-LSD while you can!

Finding Your Flow-State: The Power Of Microdosing 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD


What is a Flow-State?

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that you lost all sense of time? For once in your life nothing else existed but the present moment and task at hand? Floating in a state of bliss, your usual worries effortlessly dissipated and only joy permeated your being?

If so, then you’ve more than likely experienced being in a flow-state. A state in which there is a sense of fluidity between the mind and body, where you become one with the present moment, are able to immerse yourself in the task at hand, and experience feelings of joy and bliss.

Perhaps you’ve entered this state before without even realising, without any conscious effort at all, or perhaps you’ve intentionally entered this state by taking the time to prepare — eliminating distractions, choosing the perfect music, quietening your mind. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been so caught up in your mind, or consumed by external distractions, that you’ve struggled to enter this state and have lost hope that you ever will.

Finding Your Flow-State: The Power Of Microdosing 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD 28

Where Does the Term ‘Flow-State’ Come From?

The term ‘Flow-State’ was coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian-American psychologist, in 1975. A child prisoner during World War II, he found chess to be an excellent distraction from the pain and suffering that was going on around him. It was this experience that led him to explore the topic of happiness and contentment — studying the work of Carl Jung as a teen and attending the University of Chicago, where he earned a BA and PhD in Psychology, as a young adult.

In his 1990 publication, ‘Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience’, he described flow as ‘a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience is so enjoyable that people will continue to do it even at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it.’

According to Csikszentmihalyi there are 8 characteristics of flow:

  1. Complete concentration on the task
  2. Clarity of goals and reward in mind and immediate feedback
  3. Transformation of time (speeding up/slowing down)
  4. The experience is intrinsically rewarding
  5. Effortlessness and ease
  6. There is a balance between challenge and skills
  7. Actions and awareness are merged, losing self-conscious rumination
  8. There is a feeling of control over the task

What Are the Benefits of Being in a Flow-State?

A flow-state is not a temporary high, it is a general sense of well-being and fulfilment that can be accessed at any time.

Here are some of its many benefits: 

  • Your sense of concentration is heightened, meaning that you can focus on your work without getting distracted and improve your output and quality levels.
  • Feelings such as anxiety, self-doubt, and stress tend to dissipate. This allows your mind and body to relax and become more present, meaning that you are able to focus on what really matters.
  • An overwhelming sense of clarity washes over you, meaning that you won’t have to search to find the answers or think too hard about what it is you are doing.
  • It brings you into the present moment, allowing you to easily access pleasurable feelings such as joy and bliss.
Finding Your Flow-State: The Power Of Microdosing 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD 29

How Can Microdosing 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD Support Me in Entering a Flow-State?

If you haven’t already heard about it, microdosing involves taking a very low dose of a psychedelic substance, the most common of these being LSD or psilocybin-containing mushrooms, but also 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD and similar derivatives. The intention behind microdosing is not to get high or reach a point of hallucination, but rather to reach a flow-state.

1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD, revolutionary microdosing products, can support you in entering this state whenever you like, and with very little effort at all. They aid in reducing the effects of an often over-stimulated part of the brain, known as the DMN, enabling you to break away from the thought patterns and concerns that tend to consume the mind in day-to-day life and enter a flow-state with ease.

Over are the days of believing that you must fight to reach blissful states of being — they are accessible the moment you allow yourself to drop out of the mind and into the body.

Why continue to struggle when the tools are right in front of you?

Find your flow-state with 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD.