1V-LSD aka Valerie is a psychedelic research chemical and lysergamide derivative with an ergoline backbone. 1V-LSD is a prodrug of LSD and an analogue of 1P-LSD. Since it is a prodrug, it shares many similar properties with LSD itself but also 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD and 1B-LSD.


The research chemical market is like a game of whack-a-mole for law enforcers, and it’s a chemist’s job to keep them on their toes by birthing new moles for us to enjoy. As we have just seen with 1cP-LSD, it’s never too long before our favourite products get squashed by the ever-changing drug policies and we’re all left on the edge of our seats wondering what those ingenious chemists will rustle up!

Well, sit back and relax kids because the wait is finally over! The chemists have triumphed once again and would like to announce the birth of your new favourite LSD derivative…

…1V-LSD aka Valerie.

Who is Valerie (1V-LSD)?

1V-LSD (1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate), or simply ‘Valerie’, is a psychedelic research chemical and lysergamide derivative with an ergoline backbone. 1V-LSD is a prodrug of LSD and an analogue of 1P-LSD. Since it is a prodrug, it shares many similar properties with LSD itself but also 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, and 1B-LSD.

The nickname ‘Valerie’ is derived from segments of the most significant chemical groups described in the chemical name 1-VALeroyl-lysERgic acid dIEthylamide. Several participants of our research group also noted the presence of a ‘female entity’ whilst researching this compound. Hence we feel the name Valerie is apt!

What is a prodrug?

A prodrug is a molecule with little or no pharmacological activity that is converted into an active parent molecule in-vivo by enzymatic or chemical reactions, or by a combination of the two. In the case of 1V-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1P-LSD, and 1B-LSD, these are prodrugs of LSD. This means that living organisms, such as animals, can convert them into LSD if consumed. 


What Happened to 1cP-LSD?

As most of you will be aware of by now, due to an amendment made to the NpSG, 1cP-LSD recently became a controlled substance in Germany. While 1cP-LSD is still legal in several other countries, at 1CPLSD.COM we ship from Germany and therefore it is no longer possible for us to supply our customers with our beloved 1cP-LSD. This isn’t to say that 1cP-LSD must completely disappear from your lives, just that, as we have seen before with other banned research chemicals, they will slowly become harder and harder to obtain legally.

Where Did Valerie (1V-LSD) Come From?

This game is old news to the chemists over at Lizard Labs who, anticipating this moment, have spent the last few months tinkering around in the lab, screaming at black goo in round bottom flasks, and working tirelessly to create the perfect new potion. Low and behold, they did it again and came to our rescue with Valerie — the latest legal LSD derivative on the market.

Where is Valerie (1V-LSD) Legal?

Valerie was created with global NPS legislations in mind and, as such, this beautiful molecule is completely legal in almost all countries, including Germany — meaning that at 1CPLSD.COM we are able to supply our products worldwide!


What is Different About Valerie (1V-LSD)?

You’re probably wondering what distinguishes Valerie from her cousins. Well, let me tell you!

1V-LSD is very similar to 1cP-LSD as it is also a prodrug of LSD. Although some report 1V-LSD to be more visual than 1cP-LSD, for microdosing purposes, it can be considered as an identical replacement.

Given that 1V-LSD has a slightly higher mass than other prodrugs, a slightly larger dose is required. This is why we are offering 1V-LSD 150mcg blotters as our standard-dose blotters. Based on our initial tests, 150mcg of 1V-LSD is about equivalent to 125mcg of 1cP-LSD. Therefore, our standard 1V-LSD blotters are slightly stronger than our standard 1cP-LSD blotters – please keep this in mind!

You may also notice a slight price increase compared to 1cP-LSD. This is because of the aforementioned increase in dose, as well as the increase in production costs due to crystallisation issues.

It’s time to pre-order!

We are now accepting pre-orders for 1V-LSD which will be dispatched at the end of July after some of our staff take a well earned holiday!

For now you can head over to our resources section to read up more on Valerie and how to microdose her.

So where are we now? 14-0 to the chemists? If the games still going, we’re still playing!

But seriously, we are so grateful to the people who keep the research chemical market turning, and if Valerie is anything like her dear cousins and predecessors, she’s sure to make a splash!

Anyway, it’s time we shut up and let her do the talking.

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